12 Best Website Speed Test Tools for Your Website Performance

Website Performance

In a busy world where no one has time to wait, visitors also appreciate the website if it loads faster. Thus, it has become essential to optimize the loading time of your website to convert visitors to your site into sales. If you want visitors to stay on your web pages and increase conversion rate, you need to provide a better user experience with an optimized website.

The best way to improve website performance is to use a tool that helps identify and fix web issues that lead to improved performance. You might be wondering what are the best free tools to test your website performance in 2022. If so, look no further! In the article, we will discuss why improving website performance is crucial and the best tools to optimize your web performance.

Website owners need to understand the value of better user experience to increase conversion rate. Visitors like the website if it has quality performance matrices. We list the main reasons why you should test the performance of your website. Let’s start:

Identify web resources that take a long time to load

The main reason to test your website’s performance is to identify web resources that are slowing down your website to load. You can enter the site URL into any benchmark tool. These tools will provide you with a detailed report of the issues with suggestions for mitigating them.

Analyze site speed

Using performance testing tools, you can check your website or web pages. If the speed is slow, these tools will provide you the solutions to optimize the speed. Speed ​​optimization will help you rank your website in search results.

Check site compatibility on multiple devices

These tools allow website owners to check site performance on different devices. Testing a website on desktop and mobile provides insight into how a site looks on multiple devices.

Checking the progress of the website helps identify the main issues that cause users to leave the site. In the growing digital world, websites are an asset for businesses that offer commercial products/services online. After mitigating major web issues, you will be ready to provide better user experience to your visitors and elevate your business graph.

Today, website testing tools are widely used by site owners to optimize performance. These testing tools help site owners to test performance and increase website load time.

After reviewing the importance of website performance testing, you might be wondering what is the best tool for your website’s responsiveness. We’re revealing the 12 best tools to test your website’s performance and speed in 2022. Let’s dive deeper into the details:

Pingdom is a popular performance testing tool for optimizing website speed. Launched in 2007, Pingdom has been used on many popular social sites like Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter to make their website available to their users. Moreover, this testing tool helps site owners to monitor website load time and analyze website performance and speed.

All you need is to enter the website URL to perform a website speed and performance test. After that, you can choose a slot from the given 7 slots. Once you select a location, the results will show the website load time, the size of a web page, and the number of requests made to access those pages. The interesting fact about Pingdom’s performance testing tool is that it allows you to test your website’s performance from any part of the world. Let’s say you are in America, but after a while you will move to Canada. In this case,

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After entering your website URL in Pingdom, you will get a Pingdom score ranging from 0 to 100, which shows how well your website performs compared to other sites. After getting a score, Pingdom will offer instant actions to improve your website’s performance. After testing with Pingdom, you will get information about redirects with no cause, multiple requests, and images that need compressions. Plus, you’ll get to know which element of your site is taking the longest to load. Pingdom also offers subscription plans to monitor your website whenever it is not performing well.

Site24x7 is a free tool for testing website performance and largely replaces Pingdom. If you are a small business website owner, this testing tool is the best choice for you. This tool is capable enough to test the website on 110 locations. All you need is to enter the site URL and get a detailed website metrics report.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google has come a long way to provide a better user experience and has introduced many tools to improve website performance. Above all, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is one of the free performance testing tools that provide in-depth insights into site loading speed and recommend best practices to improve site performance.  Google launched its performance testing tool in 2018 which offers a website score ranging from 0 to 100.

If you get a higher performance score, your website performs better with a better user experience. You might be wondering how to use Google’s performance tool to check website speed and performance. All you have to do is visit the PageSpeed ​​Insights site and enter your website URL. After entering the URL, press the “Analyze” button. This performance test tool from Google will check the website and provide a score based on your site performance. Using PageSpeed ​​Insights is a great idea for monitoring site performance and accessing Google’s Web Core Vitals.

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