5 ways to style your bob for the holidays

bob for the holidaysb

Taming a rebellious mane or denying invasive curls, each has its own reason to straighten your hair . And each in their own way, above all, to slip the session between two appointments, once the children have gone to bed or without even taking care of them!

With a straightener

This is undoubtedly the simplest method , the device being specially designed to meet our desire for very wise locks: the straightener , made up of two heated ceramic plates, disciplines a lock in a few seconds.  We pinch a lock of dry hair between the plates, we go down from the roots to the tips, and we start again on the side until you get very stiff chopsticks. The downside? The heat from the plates quickly damages the hair, unless you opt for a top-of-the-range model or space out its use.

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No straightener at home? Easy, we opt for a basic hair dryer accompanied by a brush, and let’s go for a very smooth brushing. The result is less stiff and more natural than with a straightener , and blow-drying champions can even give their manes the movement that suits them: just wrap strand after strand of barely damp hair on a large round brush, from the tips to the roots, then unroll following the gesture with the hair dryer, about 5 cm.  We prefer to warn, however, that the method can be particularly long and laborious on really curly hair… no device is perfect!

Without heat

No time to waste brushing, or hair too fragile to withstand the heat? We try brushing in the cold air with a hair dryer, or better, we roll up to forget… A big bun rolled up at the top of the skull, locks slapped one by one around the head or stuck in a ponytail in a tight ribbon, there are many methods to straighten hair without heat . Their common point?  Cold air aside, we set the hair and leave it overnight, to unroll the whole thing once dry and reveal smooth locks with natural movement. Easy and eco-friendly!

Permanently at the hairdresser

Straight hair for two months , until the hair grows back? This is the promise of Brazilian smoothing, Japanese smoothing or straightening. Brazilian smoothing offers a more supple, natural result, deeply nourishes the hair and lasts three to four months, depending on the speed of regrowth. Japanese straightening , on the other hand, guarantees very smooth, supple and shiny baguette hair for a period of four to six months. Unlike Brazilian smoothing, it is not suitable for highlighted hair. As for straightening, be careful, it is extremely aggressive for the hair and can only be used on afro or very frizzy hair. We do not risk it before mature reflection and the opinion of a competent hairdresser. Note that these smoothings require careful maintenance to last…

Sustainably at home

Yes, it is possible to straighten curly hair , or even frizzy hair, permanently and at home: there are home straightening kits for Brazilian, Japanese… and even hair straightening.  We forget the straightening, far too risky for the hair without the help of a professional. Nothing prevents us, on the other hand, from trying the Brazilian or Japanese smoothing , on condition of being warned: the method is long, not always easy to do alone when you are not used to it, and the result twice less durable than at the hairdresser… but ten times

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