Elijah McClain Shares Tips for Buying Running Shoes

Elijah McClain Shares

Deciding to take up running can be an electrifying and overwhelming experience at the same time. However, before heading out for the first run, one has to get a pair of good running shoes. In the past, Elijah McClain had stressed upon the importance of choosing a pair that fits properly from heel to toe and feel comfortable with the regular running stride. Without the right shoe fit, one may face injury, black toenails, blisters, and other issues.

The following pointers should be kept in mind when planning to buy a running shoe:

  • Select a running specific shoe: While this may sound obvious, this point is too important to not mention. Running shoes can look like other sneakers, but they typically have certain features that help the wearer in running comfortably. When wearing a good quality running shoe, the foot of the wearer would hit the ground in basically the same way with each step. Unlike sneakers or tennis shoes, running shoes are additionally designed to prevent injury from repetitive motion by providing specific cushioning that helps in shock absorption. These shoes may even have extra features to help the wearer to move forward with ease.
  • Find the right type of running shoe: One should be clear about what they need the running shoes for, and make their make their purchase accordingly. While some may need shoes for daily run in the park, some may want to buy shoes for trail running. Running shoes are designed for specific purposes. Hence, it is crucial to know the different types of running shoes before you make your purchase. Road-running, trail-running or cross-training shoes are some of the most popular types of running shoes.
  • Get the right fit: Finding the right fit is not only vital for enjoying the running experience, but also to stay injury free. While one may get attracted to shoes that look the most stylish, it is prudent to stay practical. One must always select a shoe that effectively fits their foot shape. Running shoes are meant to be comfortable from the moment they are worn, all the way through the run. To accommodate the foot spread, there should be roughly one thumb width between the end of the foot and the end of the shoe. This will keep the toes from hitting the end on downhill runs or if the feet swell.
  • Try shoes with socks: It would be a good idea to wear the same type of socks one typically uses for running when trying on shoes. This ensures an accurate fit with the socks they will typically wear during runs.
  • Consider the budget: Like any other purchase, budget is an important aspect to consider when buying shoes. However, one must always remember to invest in quality shoes as well. Balancing affordability with durability and features one expects their running shoes to have is important. Fortunately, today there are many running shoe options available at varied price points.

Running shoes wear out over time. Previously Elijah McClain had mentioned that running shoes should be replaced after they start showing signs of significant wear, in order to have proper support and cushioning while running.

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