Online Visibility: How the Online Domain Checker Works

Online Domain Checker Works

The domain name is a fundamental element when setting up a website. It is easily identifiable and at the same time memorable. In addition, it is able to offer better visibility to businesses and individuals. As an address, it allows Internet users to access a site. Given the important role he plays, his choice should not be made lightly. If you plan to create a website and want to be sure that the domain name you are interested in is always available, then this article is for you.

The second level domain name : better known by the abbreviation SLD , it is also called sub-domain or radical .

The top level domain name , ( TLD in English). It is commonly referred to as extension . The nouns contained in this level fall into two main categories.

First, there are generic extensions or gTLDs . The most common are: .com , .org or .net . They can also be brand names or geographic names. Finally, there are extensions equivalent to country codes . These are ccTLDs . For example, you have .be for Belgium or .de for Germany.

How to verify a domain name?

When creating a website , it is essential to have a domain name. The choice of the latter can occur either upstream or in parallel. However, you must imperatively check whether the chosen name is not yet in use and therefore available for your site. If this is the case, you must finally think about the type of extension to book.

As an essential advice, it is suggested to reserve all extensions that may interest you later, even in the long term. Such a reservation guarantees the durability of your brand. You can thus check the availability of the different desired domains using this address:

Significant appeals

For the reservation of your domain name as well as extensions, you can use tools designed specifically for this purpose. They thus make it possible to quickly check the availability or not of the domain name. The operation takes place very quickly in a very short time. Of course, they also apply to extensions.

Finally, it is preferable for the verification and reservation of a domain name and an extension, to contact specialized and accredited companies. They offer an assured guarantee to avoid any unpleasant surprises when using the site.

An online domain availability checker

The tool for checking the availability of domains online is offered by a registrar or by a web host . It makes it possible to list the domain names already used when launching a new site. In addition, it offers at the same time the possibility of finding the names that are available . They include all those that you can use immediately.

In practice, this tool takes the form of a search engine . In it, you can enter a query relating to the newly chosen domain name to be adopted. The results obtained are immediately available to you. They contain information related to the availability of the domain name. At the same time, proposals for domain names that are semantically close to the research carried out are offered. Finally, options relating to extensions are also available.

Some tools go even further. To this end, they also offer the possibility of registering, that of being able to transfer or renew a domain name. In addition, they also allow to obtain contact information with the owner of the domain name already registered. Additional information is also available, including that relating to the cost of the proposed names that you can adopt.

How domain name verification tools work

In practice, domain name verification tools work with two main protocols. The first is the search for domain names . It was created to facilitate research on the Internet. Thus, the domain name system (DNS) will make it possible to associate a comprehensible name with an IP address by combining a logical address with a physical address.

Second, WHOIS records use a common protocol that allows you to view a domain name’s registration information. It can also be an IP address. You will find a registrar who manages domain names, the holder or the identity that registers the domain name. All information related to registration can also be found there.

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